Pointing at the Moon

Sometimes it is hard not to view religion as a negative influence on individuals and communities, with the histories and present-day realities of religious strife and violence and intolerance. Our Universalist heritage calls us to seek the underlying commonalities in teachings of justice and compassion, … read more.

Don’t Be Afraid of Some Change

We will sing together, honor our awesome RE teachers and assistants, celebrate our community in preparation for the Annual Meeting, and look out toward the future…enter, rejoice, and come in!

Whatever Makes You Happy

Happiness is often held up as a worthy goal, even enshrined in the Declaration of Independence as an “unalienable right” (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness). But is happiness, ultimately, what we are all after? What else do we wish for from this life? … read more.

No Justice, No Peace

We are used to hearing this chant of protest– as a demand for justice. Pursuit of justice is a core UU Principle, and yet we’ve also heard since childhood that “no one said life is fair.” When such injustice hits closer to home-like say, a … read more.

All Are Called: GA Sunday

We will share the sermon from General Assembly in Kansas City, presented by UUA President, The Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, and celebrate the wider circle of Unitarian Universalists across the world.

We, the People

What does patriotism look like in 2018? Hand over the heart? Taking a knee? How do we express a love for country along with our commitment to resisting the most destructive forces within it?

Loud and Proud

Most religions and ethical systems speak of the virtues of humility. Is there a place for healthy pride? Is pride the opposite of humility? Where do the two meet?

On This Rock

One of the definitions of “conviction” is “a firmly held belief or opinion.” But convictions can sometimes run deeper than opinions and survive across changing beliefs. Where do convictions come from? How do they guide us?