On Being White

As our community launches into the next phase of our anti-racist work, it seems prudent to pause and ask- what does it mean to “be white?” Join Lora Barnett as she recalls how she came to terms with this on a recent trip through Southern Africa and the lessons learned there.

And Justice for All?

As UU’s our principles and values call us to respond to injustice but doing so has too often been a matter of political and social conscience rather than prophetic or theological conscience. What might be gained if we dared to boldly claim our theological territory in search for whole justice in the public square?

Seasons: A Natural Theology of Change

As our year turns from summer to fall, let us take time to notice how our lives too are marked by seasons of change. Join Lora Barnett, (on her last Sunday with us as our Sunday sabbatical minister!) as she reflects on how nature is often our best teacher in learning to embrace the many … Continued