Don’t Know Mind

“Don’t Know Mind” sometimes called beginners mind functions in many ways. The secret is to be skillful in your understanding, and to make it work for you as a tool of discovery rather than as an excuse. We’ll get up close and personal with don’t … read more.

Double Down

It’s a term we hear a lot these days in the media, referring to the impassioned repetition of a questionable claim even after it is proven false. Where did this phrase come from? What does it hide?

Take Care

It’s a common phrase, often used in closing a letter or email, or as part of a spoken goodbye. “Take good care of yourself,” we say, as if that were an easy thing to figure out how to do. What are the ways we find … read more.

Making a Difference

Social justice has always been central to Unitarian Universalist spirituality. What forms does that take in our present age? How might we connect? How do we prepare for the work?

Question Collection

Do you have questions for me? They could be about the Fellowship, or theology, or current events, or Unitarian Universalism, or whatever is on your heart and mind. At the beginning of the service I’ll invite you to write questions on index cards, which will … read more.