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When I Know I’m Right

It is difficult to open myself to opposing–or even alternative–viewpoints when I know that I’m right. And yet, I must support what I believe is right when confronting what is wrong…right? How do we balance compassionate listening with courageous conviction?

Side With Love

The 30 Days culminates with a livestreamed Side With Love Sunday worship — our 12th annual! — on February 14.

Love Will Tear Us Apart

I’ve always been intrigued by this provocative title of a song by Joy Division. Lately, I’ve been wondering how this shows up in our world. Does love, in being a threat to current systems, appear threatening to some? Is love, in being a challenge to … read more.


Beloved. It’s an interesting word, right? Is it different than “loved”? Is it just more formal? And how does it connect with “Community”?