I Don’t Have a Suit

Michael will explore the experience of insiders and outsiders — our yearning to belong and the comfort we take in belonging versus our inner experience of being on the outside, often at the same time.

Left Behind

Today, we honor and celebrate those we love who have died and the gifts they left behind. And we take a few moments to consider what our own legacies may be.

The Promise and the Practice of Our Faith

“We are opening our eyes to white supremacy as it exists in the very fabric of our story as a society and a nation…In this time, our commitment to the inherent worth and dignity of all people and our collective interdependence call for us to live, invest in, and understand our faith in new ways.” … Continued

Holding Promise

We celebrate the promise embodied in our children and in our own ability to make promises in the present that may help shape the future.

Broken Promises

Agreements, treaties, covenants, contracts…there are many ways to make promises to one another. And when those promises are broken…