The Board of Trustees is elected by the congregation to direct, monitor, and inspire the Fellowship through the careful establishment of congregational goals (ends) and broad written policies reflecting the Board’s values and perspectives about both the ends to be achieved and means to be avoided.
The Board governs with an emphasis on:
1. Outward vision rather than internal preoccupation
2. Encouragement of diversity in viewpoints
3. Strategic leadership more than administrative detail
4. Clear distinction of Board (governance) and Minister/Staff (ministry/operations) roles
5. Collective rather than individual decisions
6. Future rather than past or present
7. Proactivity rather than reactivity
Through policy governance, the Board can focus on long-range vision, and the staff and members are empowered to do the great work of our congregation’s ministry.
Regular Board meetings are held monthly, at least ten times per year. For the information of the Fellowship members who may wish to attend, a notice of the time and place of each Board meeting appears in the News and Notes. All Board meetings are open to the Fellowship except during Executive Sessions, which are solely for discussion of confidential issues.
The Board of Trustees consists of seven members serving three-year terms elected by the Congregation. Terms are staggered, and no one may serve more than six consecutive years without a hiatus of at least one year. The board acts on behalf of the Congregation’s membership to promote the accomplishment of the Fellowship’s mission and prevent unacceptable activities and conditions with the Fellowship. HERE IS A BASIC BOARD MEMBER “JOB DESCRIPTION”.

The Board appoints a Treasurer to oversee the Financial workings of the Fellowship.


Your 2016-2017 Board of Trustees:

  Jeff Farber

Jeff Farber was born and raised in Council Bluffs, Iowa. He then moved to Iowa City where he was a music teacher for nearly two decades. After meeting his amazing wife, Charmaine Farber they moved to Ohio and then Connecticut. While in Connecticut Jeff went back to school and received a degree in Film, Video and Interactive Media.

Jeff and Charmaine have attended the following UU churches; Unitarian Universalist Society of Iowa City, Unitarian Universalist Church of Youngstown and Unitarian Society of New Haven. They are happy and proud to be members of Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Luis Obispo County.

Jeff is currently working at Cal Poly as a videographer for the College of Liberal Arts and a lab instructor for the Graphic Communications department. He is also working towards a master’s degree in Human Computer Interaction from Iowa State University. Jeff still loves playing music and is a member of the band; Joe Koenig and the Homewreckers.

  Nancy Steinmaus – Corporate Secretary
Nancy has been a member of the SLO UU Fellowship since 2001. At the time, as a mother of a newborn, she realized her family needed the community connection and spiritual growth that this fellowship offers. Her daughters, Alexi (13) and Tasha (10), will grow up UU! They are proud and grateful to be members of this fellowship. Serving the fellowship is an honor.

  Jim Woolf – President
Jim has been a UU 2011 and a resident of San Luis Obispo since 2008. Previously he worked in the news business in Utah and spent four years in Wyoming. Jim is chair of San Luis Obispo’s Bicycle Advisory Committee and a state park docent. He enjoys biking, bird watching, tai chi and traveling.


Barbara Curry – Vice President


  Alice McNeely
Alice has been a UU for over 25 years. She moved to San Luis Obispo five years ago with her husband, John Smigelski, after retiring from a position in higher education. She was an active member at her previous UU Congregation of Binghamton, NY where she served in various capacities including the Board of Trustees, Ministerial Search Committee, RE Committee (chair), Ministerial Sabbatical Committee (chair), and Aesthetics Committee (chair). Since joining our congregation, Alice has served on the Nominating Committee, Aesthetics Teams (co-chair), Ministerial Search Committee (co-chair), Auction Team (co-chair), Pledge Campaign, as well as serving as a Worship Associate, UU B&B host, and Social Hour Team Leader.
Since moving to SLO, Alice continued her personal yoga practice and completed certification as a Svaroopa Yoga Teacher; now teaching a couple of classes each week. She enjoys hiking the many wonderful trails in San Luis Obispo County and capturing what she can with watercolor and silk painting. Alice frequently visits her children and grandchildren in Los Angeles and is happiest when family and friends join her in San Luis Obispo.

  Katy Ayer

Katy Ayer has been attending Unitarian congregations (with interruptions) since she was a girl in Davis, CA in the 1970s, Katy has been a member of our fellowship since the year 2000; prior to that she was a member of the UU congregations in Whittier, CA and in Fullerton, CA.  Up until she was thirty, Katy was convinced that truth was only attainable through art, and this principle led her to obtain a Ph.D. in German literature. She subsequently changed her career path and is now a small-town CPA in Arroyo Grande.

Katy and her husband Steve Beadle have two sons in college.  Both boys have fond memories of Religious Education activities in this congregation.  Katy remains active in the RE program, and has served on the Endowment Committee, as well as assisting with capital campaign activities.

  Karen Muñoz-Christian

Karen Christian was born in Wichita, Kansas and lived there for nearly thirty years before heading to southern California to do a Ph.D. in Spanish at UC-Irvine. Thinking that she needed to broaden her horizons by living on the east coast, she accepted a position at the University of Maryland. She quickly discovered, however, that neither life in the D.C. area nor teaching at a research institution were her cup of tea. Karen then ditched academia and moved to Los Alamos, New Mexico with her husband Miguel and infant daughter Aidan. Younger daughter Annika was born there, and Karen joined the Unitarian Church of Los Alamos. The family made its way back to California (San Luis Obispo) in 2001, and Karen got sucked into the academic vortex, aka Cal Poly, in 2003. She is currently associate professor in the Department of Modern Languages & Literatures and is thrilled to be able to share her passion for language, culture, and community engagement with her students. She joined the UUFSLO shortly after moving here, taught RE for 8 years, and is currently involved in choir. She also plays occasional piano gigs for services and gets a kick out of seeing how often she and Nancy Steinmaus are mistaken for each other. Karen is excited and honored to have been offered this opportunity to serve on the Board of Trustees.

Adele Anderson, Recording Secretary

  Kerry Taylor, Treasurer

Kerry was born in Eugene, Oregon and raised across the river in Springfield as an avid Oregon Duck.  Her family was Baptist and her parents were active church leaders.  She earned a BA in Spanish and Psychology and a MA in Public Affairs at her beloved U of O. The majority of her working life was spent in county government administration, with budget and finance being a focus in each of the positions she held in three different California counties.  Her interests include reading, more reading, and photography.

Kerry discovered the UU in 1994 when she enrolled son Patrick at Starr King Parent Child Workshop in Santa Barbara. That wonderful preschool was housed at the Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara. She and husband Kent became first time UUs here in 1998 after being pledging friends. She has served on the RE Committee, assisted in RE for nine years, was on the Board of Trustees, serving as Board President for two years, and has been on the Treasury Team since 2006. She welcomes this opportunity to serve the Board and the congregation as Treasurer.