re-medicine-bagsOur Religious Education program has moved online. Please see the home page for details. RE will begin at 11:30 after the worship service and ALL are invited!

Sunday Morning at UUSLO
• Members and guests arrive by car or bike or on foot from the neighborhood.

• Everyone enters the sanctuary through the main entry doors by the labyrinth courtyard. Pick up name tags! (visitors – adults and children – can make a temporary tag at the Welcome Table inside the foyer). Children sit with their families for the first 10-15 minutes of the service, then are invited to move to the front of the room for Storytelling.
• After Storytelling, children and adult leaders leave the sanctuary via the center aisle.
• Parents/guardians are welcome to accompany children to the classrooms during Religious Education (RE) time.
Returning visitors should complete a registration form (available in the RE office, first room on the left in the RE wing). Occasionally Religious Education will move off-campus to walk in the neighborhood or to Meadow Park – you must have a signed permission on file in order for your child to join in these excursions. Please share any information about special needs with the Director of Religious Education or Minister. Be sure to note any allergies or pertinent medical information on the Emergency Medical Information Form of the registration packet.

• RE classes are over at 11:45 p.m. Please meet your children at that time either in the classrooms or the play yard.

Our Special Place for Infants and Toddlers

We employ caregivers to supply loving care to our youngest UU’s from birth through three years old. They are provided with play, creative outlets, snacks and a warm, accepting atmosphere in which to begin their UU journeys. The Nursery is located  in the RE area which gives them an opportunity to participate in the full range of our RE offerings when appropriate for their age.