Leadership Development Committee

The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) consists of seven (7) voting members, one of whom is a member of the Board of Trustees (LDC Liaison). The remaining members are active participants in the fellowship and elected by the congregation at the annual meeting.

Participation and Responsibilities:
• Attend regular meetings, approximately 2 hours per month
• Chair or a representative of the committee also attends Ministry Council meetings (monthly)
• Engage in projects which will increase participation time depending on what the committee takes on each year
• Agree to a 3-year term, with option for one additional 3 year term
• Take on tasks and responsibilities as decided by the committee
• Work together with the Board of Trustees and the Ministry Council to further the mission of the church, with emphasis on participation and leadership roles
• Gather data and information to share with other committees and event chairs
• Conduct leadership training such as workshops, retreats, seminars or mentorship
• Maintain job descriptions for LDC, BOT and Endowment Committee, and nominate members for election to positions when those positions become available
• Recruit leaders for other positions as requested by the BOT and the church leadership

Desirable Characteristics:
• Familiarity with our church and its organizational structure
• Familiarity or willingness to develop familiarity with members, both new and old
• Problem solving ability
• Some background in organization or management, volunteer recruitment and retention, event planning, etc.
• Demonstrated leadership skills
• Good communication skills, including the ability to create good connections one-on-one with members, as well as adequate written language skills and a willingness and ability to communicate via email when necessary (accommodations can be made for disabilities)
• Energy and enthusiasm