The documents here are good tools to help you navigate your religious home. New or long-time member, this information remains useful no matter how long you’ve been here …

Here’s a basic guide to navigating our resources.

Here’s a short history of our Fellowship.

You probably don’t want this right now, but sooner or later you should look through our Bylaws – the legal document that governs what we do.

This is a contact list for the group / committee leaders.

A Pledge card to record your plans for financial contribution for the current Pledge year.

Our Covenant of Right Relations – (this is how we PROMISE to behave with each other).

Our Mission Statement.

Our Budget for this year – how we spend our money.

We also try to plan for our monetary future – our Endowment Fund helps us do that.

Some examples of an “Elevator Speech” – how to explain Unitarian Universalism when you only have a few seconds to get your point across.

For more information, check out the Member’s Section of the website (you’ll need the password – only available to Members.)