UUSLO Virtual Bazaar Fundraiser

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Eats, Treats and Other Feats is OPEN for Business!

The items in the Bazaar are ready for purchase! This fundraiser is one of two that is replacing our annual auctions and will help us balance our budget. It is being offered through SignupGenius and will allow you to buy and pay for your items online. Here is the link:


Simply click on any item(s) you would like to purchase. Your credit card will be charged and proceeds will go to the congregation. Buyers and donors determine a mutually agreeable date and delivery/pickup of items.

We are accepting donations through November 10th so check back frequently to see new listings!


Right NOW we need donations to populate the bazaar with delicious and exciting offerings. We need you all to brainstorm and write-up what you can contribute. The Bazaar will focus on Baked Goods and Meals to Go but we will also include services that can safely be offered at a distance. The latter category is a little tricky during this pandemic, so we need you to be creative. What skills do you have that you could offer? Car Washing? Sewing? Use of a cabin or boat? etc.

Dates to send in donation information: NOW through November 10th
Date of Event: October 24th through November 16th
Dates to offer items: Donors and buyers agree on a mutually convenient date (ideally before the end of the year) and arrange for pick-up/delivery. (If that isn’t possible, let us know and we will look for volunteers to assist with delivery).

To donate items to the bazaar please email the following information to uuslobazaar@gmail.com

  1. Donor Info: Your name(s), Phone, and email
  2. Description of items: What are you providing, are there any limitations as to when this is available?
  3. Size and Quantity: How many dozen cookies, Meal for how many people, etc. How many of this item are you offering? Are you offering three buyers each a dozen cookies or one person three dozen? Are you offering the same meal for four once, twice?
  4. Suggested price: – please note this is not an auction, so prices will not be bid up. It is a fundraiser, your item will sell for what is sells for. We may adjust some prices.

The UUSLO Fundraising Team
Dawn Olsen, Katy Ayer, Nathan Heston & Alice McNeely