Rev. Rod Richards, Minister

On April 22, 2012, the congregation unanimously voted to call Rev. Rod Richards to be our minister and he began his ministry with us on August 1st.

Rod grew up in a Lutheran family in the Midwest. He has been married to his wife, Hanje, for 26 years. They have one son, Jack, age 24, who lives in Minneapolis. Hanje, a life-long UU, introduced Rod to Unitarian Universalism. He has been a champion of our faith ever since.

Rod brings many gifts to our congregation, among them:

  • Warm and personable leadership that will encourage, support and guide us to become our best selves
  • Beautifully crafted worship with sermons that integrate the intellectual with the heartfelt, the spiritual, and the practical
  • The ability to understand and work well with children, their parents, and grandparents
  • A well-read, discerning, and knowledgeable presence that at the same time is accessible, sensible and responsive to the members of the congregation
  • A wry sense of humor with the ability to enjoy life and readily share that joy

Congregational Administrator

The position is currently vacant. Please contact the Minister with questions.

Alba Franco-Cancel, Music Director

Mark Pietri, Pianist

Janet Murphy, Interim Director of Religious Exploration

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