The change to on-line worship services has brought some changes and some challenges to our services and our abilities to create recordings of the sermons. We’ll get this ability back up and running as soon as possible. Please join us for worship live through Zoom if you can. See the Home Page for details.

Audio versions can be accessed directly from the hosting website with the following link:

Audio versions of the most recent sermons can also be accessed through our Facebook site:

Audio versions for mobile devices will not be directly accessible through this website. But there is a way (and it’s not too hard). On your mobile device, go to your App Store and search for “”. Download the free app. Then open the app and use the search box to find “Rod Richards”. This takes you to our church list. There should be a small “+” in the upper right hand corner, or some other easy way to “subscribe” to our sermon feed. By clicking on that, you will be taken to our church list every time you open the App without having to search for it.