Lora Barnett

The Feminine Divine

Did God have a wife? Yes. He did. Her name was Asherah. But she and many other whispers of the feminine aspects of God have been covered over or deleted. Join Lora Barnett as she tours the Hebrew Bible with the help of radical feminist scholars dedicated to restoring the fullness of God’s feminine heart.

Singing in the Night

What does prayer mean to us as religious liberals in a multi-faith congregation? Does it work? Should you do it? Join our sabbatical minister Lora Barnett as she explores the practice and theology of prayer for modern UU folks.

The Gilded Cage

Racism is real and what and how we think about race matters as we seek to undertake anti-oppression work as individuals and collectively. Join Lora Barnett as she shares how even the stories we know well from our own families of origin can be keys to unlocking and unleashing a holy amount of justice love.

Of Miracles and Blessings

We all have experienced odd coincidences in our lives but most of us are loathe to claim a supernatural hand in their occurrence. And yet, there seems to be mystery at the heart of our living and loving.

The Positive Trauma of Transformation

Change is indeed a constant of our lives and yet most of us resist change. What if we could be more skillful in the face of the inevitable changes of our lives? What if instead of resisting or struggling in change we could learn to thrive?