Speaker: Rev. Rod Richards

Happily Ever After

“…and they lived happily ever after.” Ummm, yeah, but what did that look like? What do you do after you have successfully found happiness?

Living on Purpose

What on earth am I here for? Pastor Rick Warren sought to answer that question with a book entitled “The Purpose-Driven Life.” What does it mean to “have a purpose,” and is that a question we can answer once and for all?

Happy to be Sad

If asked to say “the opposite of happy,” a response that naturally–almost automatically–comes to mind is, “sad.” And yet, that doesn’t quite fit.

Chasing Our Tails

Pursuing happiness may be a right, but it can sometimes feel like a hopeless endeavor. Is happiness a goal, or a byproduct of other pursuits?

Give Me Liberty

When we hear the word “liberty,” we are apt, first, to think of a certain statue. Next, we may remember this line from a speech by Patrick Henry in 1775: “Give me liberty or give me death.”

Is That All There Is?

Freedom, reason, and tolerance have been identified as central characteristics of Unitarianism. But…does that sufficiently capture our highest aspirations? How is freedom the same as liberation? And how does it differ?

Dust to Dust

Is there life after death? How do some of the world’s religions and wisdom traditions speak to this question? How do beliefs about life after death affect how we live in this life? “Some beliefs are like walled gardens,” writes Sophia Lyon Fahs. “They encourage … read more.

City on a Hill

Puritan John Winthrop told the early colonists that their community would be “as a city upon a hill,” hearkening back to some words from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. That phrase has been used throughout American history…what does it mean?

Within You and Without You

Compassion is often about empathy; feeling with, understanding. But can compassion exist without the benefit of shared experience? What about those things that are beyond our capacity to fully comprehend?