Speaker: Rev. Rod Richards

Three’s Company

“Triangulation” is a mathematical process, but also has a psychological meaning. How does it work, exactly? And what meaning does it have in creating community?

The Shape of Things to Come

The traditional ways in which we come together can, after a time, seem unchangeable. How can we step back and take a look at existing forms…and consider some new shapes?

Love Is a Choice

Nature vs. nurture is a debate that goes on in many arenas, though it is rarely answered once and for all. Though we are born, certainly, with the capacity for loving, it is up to us what we do with that inherent capability.

The Personal Is Political

…and the political is personal. It is tempting to want to step away from the messy world of politics altogether, yet it touches our personal lives in many ways. In just such a way, our personal lives inform our political action.

In Beauty, It Is Begun …

Today, we reflect on the complications, conflicts, and confusion that often circle around fatherhood in our present culture. What are healthy models of masculinity? How do we approach gender roles in parenting and simply being a person?

Eye of the Beholder

Beauty, the saying goes, is in the eye of the beholder. But how is it that we come to recognize beauty? What qualities does it hold?

Keeping Time: Music Sunday

Oftentimes, it is music that most clearly marks the seasons of our lives. Songs accompany us across turning points, and sometimes music helps to create change, inspire growth, and give auditory shape to that which is difficult to articulate any other way.

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Try Why

Curiosity, it is said, can be an antidote to cynicism. Rather than resting in our certainty of the worst, how can we be curious about even the most troubling things that are happening in our lives and in our world?

Let the Mystery Be

As we remember loved ones who have died today, we can’t help but wonder about the possibilities of what happens after death. Most of us join with Iris Dement’s sentiment: let the mystery be. However, sometimes the mystery won’t let us be.