Speaker: Rev. Rod Richards

The Wind. The Earthquake. The Fire.

The beautiful story of the prophet, Elijah—which gave us the phrase “a still, small voice”—also points out that the Lord was not in the wind, the earthquake, or the fire. In a theology that generally purports that “everything is holy now,” how do we understand … read more.


The meal is done; the dishes are washed; we’ve maybe even snuck in a nap. But there are still some things to chew on.

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

We are called, as a country, to confront the truth (and the lies) contained in the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves. For instance: the narratives that surround a favorite holiday to many: Thanksgiving. During this Native American Heritage month, let’s find out what there … read more.

At the End of the Day

It’s a well-worn phrase, repeated often, I’ve noticed, by news correspondents, politicians, etc. It refers to that time, apparently, when priorities are properly ranked and we can see “the truth of the matter.” One question: why do we have to wait until the end of … read more.

Come Together

Beginnings happen a little differently these days, but they happen nonetheless. This is an opportunity to welcome one another into this congregation. To celebrate a water ceremony. To bless these miraculous devices that allow us to maintain and sustain community…Enter, rejoice and log in.

Happily Ever After

“…and they lived happily ever after.” Ummm, yeah, but what did that look like? What do you do after you have successfully found happiness?

Living on Purpose

What on earth am I here for? Pastor Rick Warren sought to answer that question with a book entitled “The Purpose-Driven Life.” What does it mean to “have a purpose,” and is that a question we can answer once and for all?