The Treasurer periodically reports information about the church finances to the Board of Trustees and to the Congregation during the Annual Meeting in June and the monthly Second Sunday Conversations.

Here are the latest updates:

From July 2019: On this early July day, the news is all good.  By the time the Board gets this report, you will have likely already read the 4th Quarter Budget Report that I submitted for News and Notes publication on July 14th, since I will be out of town that day taking on a new mantel of Mother-in-law (Yay!).  In case you missed it, I’ve copied most of what it says below.  In addition you can find the budget summary, attached, for more detailed information.

18-19 Budget Year 4th Quarter Report

At this point so near to the end of the budget year, all expenditure numbers are preliminary.  Committees have until July 22nd to submit their claims for expenses through June 30, so the final books are ‘kept open’ until that date. Revenues, on the other hand are firm as of June 30th.

So, with those caveats, I can report the good news that revenues totaled $368,738, which is 99.96% of budgeted revenues.  Within the revenues, the further good news is that pledge receipts of $291,399 exceeded the budgeted amount of $290,000. During June, pledges received were above budget expectations by over $9,000. These phenomena are as unusual as they are wonderful, and are a credit to all the pledgers who were able to contribute what they committed to contribute by the end of the budget year.  Dave Bernhardt also deserves kudos for his stalwart follow-up reminders at key moments during the year.

On the expenditure side, numerous categories were under-spent as of June 30, resulting in an apparent ‘surplus’ of over $16,000.  Included in total expenditures was the pay back of the amount owed to the Property Fund for the costs of solar panels. The general fund will now reap the benefits of the savings. We are aware of several additional costs that will be reflected in the final numbers, but I think it would be quite safe to predict that final expenditure figures will still result in savings of over $10,000.

The bottom line of all of this is that our budget year ended in a positive fashion, setting the stage for another positive year ahead.  I believe this is due to the diligence of our staff, the oversight of the Financial Stewardship Team, the cautious spending by the committees, the careful approach to developing the numbers, and the follow through of members who make up such an important part of our revenue stream. Good job, everybody!!!

19-20 Budget

The fiscal year has just begun, so very little can be said about the state of the budget.  As the months go along, I’ll be providing more detailed information and updates.

Treasurer’s Role

A final item for possible discussion is a review of the Treasurer’s role.  For our new Board members, it might help to know that the Board has asked the Treasurer to be the ‘eyes and ears’ of the Board as it relates to fiscal matters, and to bring any items of concern or note to the Board’s attention.  Part of this role includes providing the Board monthly updates on the status of the budget, and the congregation with a quarterly budget update as part of the 2nd Sunday Conversation with the Board. The job includes reviewing and signing checks as well as being aware of outflow for the Minister’s Discretionary fund. It seems prudent for the Board to review the role you want the Treasurer to fill, and whether it is working the way you hope.

From January 2018: 2017-18 Budget Mid-Year Report: At 50% of the year elapsed, we are at 62.83% in revenue receipts, including 62.91% of pledges received. This is only slightly above (about $4,000) what we expected for the year at this point, but still good news. Expenditures are at 46.91% through half the year, again at about expected levels. Some concerns are hovering about the extent to which pledge revenue will continue to meet expectations.A more definitive projection will be made at the end of the third quarter.

From October 2017: The Treasurer uses this space to report quarterly on the status of the budget.  For the first quarter of 2017-18, expenditures and revenues are at anticipated levels, with revenues a bit above straight line projections, and expenditures slightly below a straight line projection.  Pledge revenue, which makes up the lion’s share of revenues, is at about 30% of budget.  Again, this is expected to be the case at this point in the year. Kerry Taylor, Treasurer