“Worship is the mystery within us reaching out to the mystery beyond.” — Jacob Trapp

Dynamic worship is at the center of our spiritual life. We gather each Sunday morning to reflect and to learn from one another, to review and celebrate our good news, to acknowledge our short falls and growing edges and to prepare ourselves to take our values into the world.

We come together as the UU Worship Web has said: “to share a sense of transcendence, to nurture worthiness and meaning in our lives.” We also pay close attention to the welcome we offer to each other and to newcomers and guests.

The Worship & Welcome Circle works in partnership with our minister to create meaningful worship experiences. From your first interaction at the front door to the final farewell following our service, the teams, committees and groups of the Worship & Welcome Circle are engaged in making our shared time rich and rewarding.

The Worship & Welcome Circle is comprised of the following teams:

  • Welcome Teams
  • Joys and Concerns Coordinators
  • Music Committee
  • Worship Arts Committee
  • BlUUmers
  • Social Hour Teams

A few of our (semi) local Unitarian Universalist congregations:

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