Online UUSLO Chancel Choir

Every Thursday night at 7pm! Everyone is welcome. Choir meets to interact and sing together online. Join us:

Meeting ID: 500 870 083


Music is a very important component of or Sunday morning worship services at UUSLO.  The worship service is made vital and relevant to the most people by weaving spoken words, storytelling and music in an attempt to bring an inspirational experience.

Because our community is diverse, we provide diverse styles of music, both choral and instrumental, always trying to be consistent with the topic for the day.  Our contemporary style is one of diversity.

We sing traditional, gospel, popular and always attempt to support our vast community of UU singer/songwriters by using their material.

We play classical, jazz, popular piano music as well as guitar accompaniment on occasion.  We invite solo instruments as often as possible played by folks from our own UU community and invited from the larger community.

Each year, we have one to two services which are principally dedicated to music.

Our choir and congregation join together to celebrate and express the core of our beings through song.

At the heart of our music program are the many talented and enthusiastic volunteers who sing in the choir, perform at the services and support Music Ministry in other ways.


UU Chancel Choir

Our choir consists of anyone with a love of music and singing who is willing and able to attend Thursday evening rehearsals and to sing for 2 – 3 services each month from September through June.

One Hour Choir

On occasion, we ask anyone with a love of music and singing to join us on Sunday morning to rehearse one or two songs to perform that morning.  This enables folks with limited time to join in the song and is a joyous and rewarding experience for all.

Instrumentals and Vocal Ensembles

Anyone with the talent and training to play a musical instrument is asked to contact the Music Director to discuss possible ways of participating in Worship Services, either along with the choir or solo instrumental.


Music Committee

Our Music Committee has spearheaded our music program.  They work to support the Music Program and Music Director. Their mission is to envision and maintain the integrity of the Music Program.  Anyone interested in joining us is welcome.

Music Director

The Music Director oversees the Music Program in consultation with the Minister.  They organize and direct the choir(s), select music for worship, provide accompaniment and special music either personally or by engaging other musicians and supervising their performance.  They lead the planning and goal-setting for the Music Program and are accountable for the program budget.