Woven in a Single Garment of Destiny

A ZOOM only service/ May 29 – Woven in a Single Garment of Destiny / UUA President Susan Frederick Gray/ Worship Associate – Gina Whitaker/ We’re all connected: an interdependent whole. Therefore, says Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, “covenant is our religious response to our fundamental interdependence.” We make promises about how to be together, and how…

Eye of the Beholder

May 22 – Eye of the Beholder/ Rev. Rod Richards/ Worship Associate – Chris Ralston-Cummings/ Anais Nin wrote, “We don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are.” What does that mean for how we define, recognize, and nurture beauty?

Family Ties

May 15 – Family Ties/ Rev. Rod Richards/ Worship Associate – June Minikel/ Connections between people — challenging as they can be–are also a way to nurture beauty. A particular form of connection that can exemplify this is often referred to as: family ties.

Get Rooted, Get Ready!

A ZOOM Only Service May 8th – Get Rooted, Get Ready!/ Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth/ (Online only: see announcement above)/ “It will take all of us, working with all of us… doing what none of us can do alone”/ –All of Us, the new climate hymn by Dana Clark/ Our faith calls us into relationship with the sacred elements of Earth and to put…

Lovely to Look At

May 1 – Lovely to Look At/  Rev. Rod Richards/ Worship Associate – Alison Rittger/ Many famous stories, songs, poems through the ages have paired physical attractiveness with inner beauty. How does that show up in our culture?