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The Center Cannot Hold

Special Bonus Homework “Opportunity” in preparation for the January 8 service: read this brief, fascinating piece “About Article II: The Principles and Purposes of the UUA.” In 1919, poet William Butler Yeats wrote: Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;…

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In the Christian calendar, we are in the season of Advent. In a more general context, advent refers to an arrival, a beginning, a new thing entering our lives. What do you see on your personal advent calendar?

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Awesome! The word is ubiquitous in today’s culture. It is used to respond to everything from the mysterious qualities of a black hole to the sensory rewards of a black coffee. Which makes me wonder: what qualities make something truly…

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The Paradox

Our Unitarian forebear Ralph Waldo Emerson charged us to follow our own individual moral intuition above all else. But what about our need for community and relationship? This is the creative tension that lies at the heart of our faith,…

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