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Deborah Cleere
I joined UU SLO in 1997. Since then my husband Scott and I have maintained active membership and raised two sons (now grown) in this congregation. I have proudly served on the Religious Exploration Committee, a Ministerial Search Committee, and the Leadership Development Committee. Music has been a joyful part of my UU experience. I was the Children’s Choir Director for several years, the rehearsal accompanist for the choir in the early 2000s, and a member of choir off and on for many years. I attended the UU’s Russell Lockwood Leadership Training, and following that transformative experience, I chaired a regional Beloved Community weekend workshop for congregations in our region. I am thankful to have supported and participated in Beloved Conversations, and I have enjoyed being a part of the Annual Auction for many years. Like so many of you, I have provided a helping hand when needed for congregational events and services.
I am a speech-language pathologist, special education program specialist and lifelong learner/educator. I love baking, reading, gardening, walking, and being with children, my family and friends. I never tire of SLO, and I think I never will.
I see UUSLO as a thriving group of willing and ready people, all of whom help fulfill our mission and make our experience as a faith community richer and more rewarding.
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