Community Outreach Offering Recipient August 2022

About SLO 4 Home

SLO4Home is a broad coalition of religious organizations, veteran and active duty military members, and community activists who are helping Afghan refugees establish new lives and livelihoods on the Central Coast.


This grassroots group, which already has over150 volunteers representing a broad cross section of the community, began coordinating assistance efforts late last year. Areas of focus include housing, job assistance, education, health, transportation, culture and hospitality.


It is expected more than 65,000 Afghans will be welcomed through the Afghan Placement and Assistance (APA) program, set up through the U.S. government.  Many of the Afghans who will be resettled worked directly with the U.S. on its mission in Afghanistan, including across military, diplomatic, and development efforts, or are a family member of someone who did. Thousands more worked as journalists, human rights activists, or humanitarian workers and had careers that put them at risk, which makes them eligible for visas.


SLO4Home is an official partner agency of Church World Services (CWS), which was approved by the U.S. Department of State as an official agency to resettle refugees and has been doing so since World War II. CWS provides SLO4Home important training, resources, and helps in the process of resettling refugees to their new community.


SLO4Home has welcomed its first two families, who are related:  a couple with a 3-year old girl and the parents and 21-year old sister of one of the couple.  The younger three adults speak excellent English. They are currently housed in SLO and getting established.  They receive limited financial US government support for three months, and are currently signed up for local benefits for which they are eligible, including health insurance.  Finding suitable work is the next task.  The 3- year old has been given a scholarship for a preschool.


SLO4Home’s goal is to raise $600,000 to resettle 8-10 families over the next two years. Thus far we have raised over $160,000, and there currently is a $300,000 matching grant from Rick Stollmeyer, co-founder of Mindbody.  Thus, all donations moving forward are doubled.


Please see the webpage at or on Facebook @SLO4Home for more updated information.