Board TrusteeAlice moved to San Luis in 2010 with her husband, John Smigelski, after retiring from a position in higher education.  She has been a UU for more than 30 years and was an active member of the UU Congregation of Binghamton, NY before moving to SLO.

Alice is currently completing her second 3-year term on the Board of Trustees and has also served on our Ministerial Search Committee (co-chair) Nominating Committee, Aesthetics Teams (co-chair), Sabbatical Team (chair), Auction Team (co-chair), Pledge Campaign, as well as serving as a Worship Associate and UU B&B host.

Since moving to SLO, Alice continued her personal yoga practice and completed certification as a Svaroopa Yoga Teacher; now teaching a couple of classes each week. She enjoys hiking the many wonderful trails in San Luis Obispo County and capturing what she can with watercolor and silk painting. Alice frequently visits her children and grandchildren in Los Angeles and Portland and enjoys hosting family and friends in San Luis Obispo.