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You can leave a long term and lasting legacy to UUSLO through a contribution to our UUSLO Endowment Fund.

Your gift will help others…

Giving for the Long Term

Planned Giving is a different and important way to be stewards of our great liberal spiritual and religious heritage. These gifts continue to benefit UUSLO for many, many years to come.

There are various ways in which you can give:

  • Gifts
  • Remember the church in your Will, Living Trust or Estate Plan
  • Establish a memorial.
  • Your Planned Giving contribution will support the efforts and memories of those that came before us at UUSLO
UUSLO's Endowment Fund

To encourage Planned Giving at our church, the Congregation has established an Endowment Fund to hold and invest gifts and bequests from our members or friends. The Fund  is overseen by  a five member Endowment Fund Committee, elected by the Congregation. Current committee members are:

  • Jamie Woolf, chair
  • John Bonaventure
  • Bill Rumbler
  • Chris Heinrichs

Over a long enough period of time, the Endowment Fund can become very substantial, and can provide a large and secure source of income for our congregation to further its mission. Its annual income may be used for projects beyond the reach of the church’s operating budget after approval by the Endowment committee and the members of the congregation during a congregational meeting.

Investment Policy

Gifts to the Endowment Trust are carefully invested to produce a reasonable investment return. By investing the assets of the Fund in a prudent manner so as to protect the purchasing power of the Fund, as well as to produce income from the Fund. All investments shall meet the social responsibility criteria promulgated by the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Ways to Donate
  • Go to our online giving website to GIVE ONLINE, and select the Endowment Fund
  • Write a check today and put “Endowment Fund” in the memo line
  • Donate shares of stock
  • Make a bequest in your will
  • Transfer assets to a revocable trust with UUSLO’s Endowment Fund named as a beneficiary
  • Name the UUSLO Endowment Fund the beneficiary of your unused retirement account assets
  • Set up a gift annuity fund which gifts cash or marketable property to the Endowment Fund
  • Gift investment property real estate to the Endowment Fund to avoid capital gains taxes
  • Establish a Charitable Remainder Trust whereby UUSLO’s Endowment Fund benefits as you receive a fixed or variable income stream
What Can You Do?

Do I need an Estate Planning Attorney?

Yes. You can work with a qualified estate planning attorney to establish a gift or bequest, benefiting UUSLO’s Endowment Fund now or later. This may require a simple change to your will or Living Trust or establishing a will or detailed estate plan to insure your assets are shared with those that matter to you. An estate plan can be a simple will or a complicated trust. Either can ensure that your assets will benefit those you care about most. Because there can be serious financial decisions to be made and because we cannot provide legal advice, if you have any doubts, we strongly recommend that you consult an estate attorney.

Does this offset the need for giving through our annual pledging program or to the capital campaign?

No. UUSLO still needs the ongoing support from you and all our members and friends to cover day to day operating expenses. Even though the Endowment Fund earnings help with the mission of the congregation, we still need your Annual Pledge and support for capital campaigns.

How are the funds distributed?

Distributions are made by the Endowment Committee subject to the approval of the congregation to be used as grants for one-time expenses of the church or to initiate new programs that are expected to be fully funded from other sources in the budget of the following years.

Can I specify how my gift gets used?

Yes, you can, but UUSLO’s Endowment Fund Committee prefers unrestricted gifts. Unrestricted gifts give us more flexibility in management and are prudently invested. Annually the investment income used is subject to a vote of the Congregation. If you restrict the gift we will likely accept it as long as it is in support of our mission.

Your donation will encourage others to give and support the UUSLO Endowment Fund…

We encourage you to give generously to the Endowment Fund. If you supply our Endowment Committee with limited information on your bequest or intentions in your will or trust, this will allow us to encourage more participation. Of course, if you prefer a private donation, we will also honor your wishes.

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