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We All Need Help Sometimes

…and this congregation has compassionately responded to people in need in a variety of ways, including the Community Outreach Offering and the We Care Food Share.

The Minister’s Discretionary Fund is another of those ways. It is used to provide direct assistance to individuals in need within and outside the congregation in accordance with the mission of the congregation.

Recent distributions from the fund have gone to help with
• Vehicle/home registration, repair, payments, impound fees
• Storage fees (to protect property from seizure and sale)
• Travel for healthcare
• Phones and phone service
• Supplies for living outdoors

I remind the people we are able to help that this assistance is made possible through the generosity of people in this congregation who may not know them, and yet hold them as precious and worthy individuals.

It is an honor to serve this congregation and to be an agent of your generosity both within the congregation and in the wider community through your support of this fund.

You can find the Minister’s Discretionary Fund as one of the selections on our Giving page.

Email with requests for assistance.

In grateful community,


One recipient wrote to the congregation, in part:

“It’s amazing how kind you are to help those in need, and it makes me have so much faith in others. Please never lose faith in what you do…I can never thank you enough for what you’ve done for my daughter and I…I hope nothing but the best for all of you and the others that you help.”

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