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Veterans Day was yesterday, and I am thinking of the great sacrifices made by soldiers, sacrifices freely chosen and, often, not chosen. I am thinking today of the thousands of civilians who sacrifice involuntarily, without any say—their lives, the lives…

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All that is happening

All that is happening—all the reports and the devastating details coming from Israel and Gaza—all of this is weighing on each of us to varying degrees, I am sure. And it is weighing especially on those who have loved ones…

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We Need Help

By Rev. Rod Richards So now is the time for me to tell you: we need help! No, I mean it…all of us. I’m not talking right now about a specific congregation or organization or group of individuals, I’m talking…

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If I Ran the Zoom

by Rev. Rod Richards (with apologies to You-Know-Wheuss) There’s no doubt about it, this Zoom thing is booming and folks of all ages now find themselves zooming. Folks at all levels of tech expertise are now choosing virtual backgrounds with…

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