FOR 2021-2022 WE WILL:

SUSTAIN our commitment to faith development by expanding the paid hours of our Director of Religious Exploration.

EXPAND our ability to welcome seekers into our Beloved Community with an enhanced digital presence beyond COVID times.

STRENGTHEN our ability to fulfill our mission and purpose with our new Congregational Life Coordinator.


How are YOU connected? Count the ways!

As we build the BELOVED COMMUNITY, how are you connected to UUSLO?

RE – is it through religious exploration? Do you have children in the program? Are you a teacher or helper?

MUSIC – Perhaps you are a choir member or performer, or like many of us are enjoying Alba and Mark as they provide beautiful music for our virtual and in-person services.

SOCIAL JUSTICE / ACTION – is it the strong work of the congregation in the areas of social action and justice with our ‘Black Lives Matter’ banner?

COMMUNITY – is it our warm UUSLO community with the many groups and events? Or our work in the larger regional interfaith community?

SUNDAY MESSAGE – perhaps your connection is thru the Sunday morning message that Rod delivers – allowing all of us to learn and grow spiritually.

Perhaps, like many of us, your answer is ‘all of the above’! As we build the Beloved Community here at UUSLO, share our joys, sorrows and commitment to making this area and the world a better place, NOW is the time to renew your connections and make your pledge for the 2021-22 UUSLO operating fund.


Building and sustaining our UUSLO community requires generous, ongoing financial support from each of us to all of us. Your pledge provides the support for our place, programs and staff that together make UUSLO our spiritual home. Your pledge makes possible our outreach to the wider community as we seek social and racial justice for all, homes and showers for those who are un-sheltered and food for those who are hungry.

To record your pledge for the 2021-2022 fiscal year

(7/1/2021 – 6/30/2022), simply select this link:

2021-2022 PLEDGE FORM



There are many ways to fulfill your pledge – weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, or whenever you receive income during the year. Pay with cash, check, money order, mailed to the church office, in the Sunday offering plate, or direct deposit.  Our church website makes on-line giving easy, safe, and secure.

RMD as a QCD

Members and friends who are taking Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) from their IRA or 401k, should consider fulfilling their pledge by directing all or a portion of the RMD to UUSLO as a tax-free Qualified Charitable Distribution. Your financial advisor can provide more information about this option.


If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Office: or call 805-439-0188 ext. 100.