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Stewardship does indeed deal with money, but it must be far bigger, far more holistic than that. For money is the symbol, the powerful symbol, of our ongoing need for control. But as we begin to think of life in terms of what we have instead of what we lack, then we can dare to let go of the things that hold us back and strategize together as faithful stewards instead of fearful owners.   ~Rev. C. K. Robertson, Transforming Stewardship

Unitarian Universalists  San Luis Obispo is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Donations are tax deductible as allowed by Federal and State tax codes.

The Stewardship Circle watches over the resources and assets of the congregation. To achieve our mission, we must care for the financial health of the congregation as well as caring for our property, resources, and assets. Three main groups help manage and grow the congregation’s resources:  Financial, Facilities and Communications.

Financial Group

This group watches over the financial health and management of the church. It consists of:

Financial Stewardship Team (FST)

The Financial Stewardship team supports the Minister in managing the financial health of the congregation. Members are selected by the Minister and the size and personnel  will vary depending on each minister’s skills and needs, as well as the particular tasks at hand.  The FST and the Board Treasurer work closely, as many of the tasks of the committee are necessary to both Ministry and Governance.


  1. Keep abreast of relevant regulation, law, and “best practices” for congregational financial management.
  2. Establish and evaluate a Whole Church Financial Management Plan that clarifies procedures and practices for cash and asset management for the congregation.
  3. Work with the  Minister to propose an operating budget for the congregation’s programs and ministries for approval at the annual meeting of the congregation each year.
  4. Assist in educating the congregation about good fiscal management and the overall health of the congregation’s finances.

Endowment Committee

Ongoing Fund Raising Activities

Treasury Teams

Facility Group

This group watches over the facilities we own to keep them in good repair and looking good as well as plan for their future. It consists of:

Aesthetics Team

Building Team

Garden Gang

Technology Team

Communications Group

This group helps coordinate our internal and external communications. It consists of:

News and Notes

Website Management

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