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AI and Being Human
July 21, 2024
Blended Service (In-Person and on Zoom)
Rev. Nica Eaton *
Worship Associate: Susan BaileyKadin
Music: Linda Wilson, Piano

Are you wondering about the increasing role of Artificial Intelligence in our world? What is distinctly human and not able to be replicated by AI? Will this new technology create more happiness, destroy us, or land somewhere in between? How can we, as a people with a heritage of values and faith in action, help shape the evolution of AI into something life affirming and positive? Join us today, with Rev. Nica Eaton from Chalice UU, to begin a conversation around AI and being human.

*Continuing a tradition of sharing worship services with our sibling UU congregations on the Central Coast, a practice that began during the height of the COVID pandemic, we will be enjoying video presentations of sermons from my colleagues, as well as live service elements they have chosen for their messages on 7/21, 8/18 and 9/1.

Come, join us to hear some wonderful messages and to deepen connections among our Central Coast Cluster of congregations. In grateful community, Rev. Rod

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