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Assistance League of San Luis Obispo County

February, 2024

Assistance League® of San Luis Obispo County was incorporated in 1991 and chartered as the 95thchapter of National Assistance League in 1996.  Operation School Bell® was adopted in 1995 as its philanthropic program which provides a most basic need – clothing for school-aged students.  We are an all-volunteer organization with 108 members and no paid staff.  We have been able to successfully administer, staff, and fund our program for 28 years.

Operation School Bell provides new school-appropriate clothing to Kindergarten – 12th grade students in need, living in and attending school in all ten school districts in the County.  We expect to provide clothing to 2,100 students this school year.

An astonishing 45% of students attending school in our County are living in poverty.   Data shows that students living in poverty are 20% to 55% lower in academic achievement than students who are not.

Our program goal is to improve school attendance and participation by enabling students to attend school without feeling self-conscious or out of place due to a lack of proper clothing.  Operation School Bell was created with the belief that when children go to school feeling confident about their appearance, it results in a more successful academic and social experience.  Clothing is the tangible resource we provide to students, but a focused education is the ultimate goal.

Students are referred to us by school personnel.  Social service agencies and area shelters direct their families to their children’s schools for referrals.  The students are greeted by our volunteers, and are assisted with their shopping experience.  This is an exciting opportunity for these students, many of who have never shopped at a retail store for new clothing.

All funds received through your congregation will be used to clothe disadvantaged students this school year.  Thank you for your willingness to support our organization.

Left to right: February COO Sponsor Susan BaileyKadin, recipient Assistance League President Bonnie Long, COO Chair Judy Hornaday and Rev. Rod Richards
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