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Slow Money SLO

January, 2024

We have operated for 11 years with the mission to support the growth of local, small food and farm businesses.  The growth of local businesses, especially food purveyors, farms, ranches and fisheries, creates a more nutritious, resilient and diverse food economy ultimately contributing to the health of SLO County residents.

Connecting the public with local food sources and assisting small food suppliers with growth here have been at the core of our programs.  We accomplish this impact by staging free tasting events, introducing farmers to school buyers and facilitating their sales, educating students on where their food comes from and offering a unique online market for consumers to purchase what they want weekly from more than 80 local food vendors.  We call this

That food is conveniently delivered every Friday to their door.  It would be impossible to find and source all the products available online, including prepared foods, produce and ready to eat meals.

Our Farm to School Program now serves all the SLO County School districts.  These additional and consistent sales help small farmers to survive and grow while educating students to appreciate the quality, nutrition and local benefits when they eat local.

We observe support for our mission in many ways.  We hope friends of our purpose will adopt the value of eating local, support local food purveyors and farmers and share our programs with family and community.

Any financial support from the service is certainly welcome and will be used to increase outreach, run events offered at no charge to the public, and promote our programs that benefit food suppliers, students, and consumers seeking to learn more about local food sources.

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Dr. Eric Balash received the January COO check for $1,748.56 from COO Chair Judy Hornaday, as Slow Money SLO President Jeff Wade looks on.
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